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After my complaint about a mysterious incasso of 15 Euros every month for months, Global Collect has sent a reply mentioning that they do this on behalf of another company but don't specify which one, don't tell if I should provide something else for them to investigate, nor offer a clear path to stop the incasso, which obviously leaves me at square zero. I have immediately asked a clarification and days have passed, but they've been silent. They're not reachable on the phone either.

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I'd like to have a clear answer and a refund.
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Same useless answer from Global Collect BV that beats around the bush instead of addressing the problem whereas the question is simple and clear. They obviously don't care as they don't specify any way to contact them, their phone number leads to a voice mail that doesn't enable to leave a message, and they don't propose any concrete path to solve the problem. They just collect the money from your account every month on behalf of a mysterious company they don't even provide the name of despite my question. I will have to mobilise my legal insurance.
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