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I've spend 3000 EUR for furniture at Goossens and paid 100 EUR extra for the delivery (2245797 and 2244609 ordernummer). I gave measurements of stairs of my house to one of employees of Goossens by phone. She assured me that furniture will fit into stairs and that I don't need a lift. Than we set a delivery date. House is build in 2001, so it has quite standard stairs. It is tussenwoning 6.4 meters wide with 3 floors. However, Goossens employees who did delivery said that furniture does not fit and left almost all furniture in my garage. Including bed, dining table and cabinet. I asked them to disassemble furniture and try again. They said it won't fit either. They said I should pay extra 120 EUR and wait another 4 weeks until they bring a lift.

I'm highly disappointed about service in Goossens. Now I'm left with all the furniture at my garage, which I can not use. I expected much better service once I pay high amount such as 3000 EUR to highly known brand like Goossens.

De oplossing

I ask for 100 EUR of delivery to be compensated. Because it was not done in full.
Plus 120 EUR compensation paid by Goossens so that I can arrange lift.

I also ask for a compensation about the fact that I can not use my furniture for quite some time. Because it is left in my garage. (Amount is to be proposed by Goossens. ).

I had some plans to buy more furniture from Goossens, because I like hard wood. And I still need to furnish couple of other rooms. However, now I have my doubts to buy more from Goossens. And I will probbably tell the story to everyone whom I know If my complaint is not resolved. Because I'm very irritated that I can not use my bed, dining table end some other furniture for weeks. I can't even use my garage, because it is full with Goossens furniture.

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