Klacht Grandado.com: order cancellation has not been done although I have right to do so.

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I asked the company to cancel my order just after purchasing it(I needed the product immediately, but, the delivery takes too long ). They told me that it wasn`t possible . I cantacted with the klachtenkompas and they said that they were going to cancel it.That t'me my order hasn`t been shipped yet. After saying that, a day after, they sent me an email explaining that it wasn`t possible anymore but I could return it when I receive. Then I asked them whether I`m going to pay anything when I return it. Since it``s their mistake I am not supposed to be responsible for the return costs. But they didn`t say anything about just by ingoring with a general template e-mail.

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I would like the company to cancel the order, and refund my money. They cost me too much energy and time. I don`t like to take any more responsibility for a return (physical or financial).

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    Hi! Thanks for contacting me. We apologize you had a bad experience with your order.
    I checked our correspondence and can say that I indicated that I will check if it's still possible to cancel it, not that I will cancel it. I'm sorry if it was unclear in my email. Unfortunately, it was no longer possible. I informed you that me and my colleague did all possible to stop the shipment, but the product was on its way.
    On this stage it's not possible to cancel your order. If product is on its way - we can't arrange any refunds. It's the company's regulation and I can't just ignore it. All information is stated in our Terms and Conditions.
    When you will receive your order - please, contact me. You can contact me here or in response to my email. I will help you to return the product without paying for shipping costs.
    We apologize if some information was unclear or a misunderstanding appeared. I can't cancel your order now, but I will help you to return it without additional costs. Please, contact directly me, Lia.
    Have a nice day!


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