Klacht GSMWEB.NL: GSMWEB.nl why don't you respond to customer's needs?

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On 21 March, I placed an order with GSMWEB.nl with an option of nummerbehoud (keeping my old number). The iPhone delivery was quick, but nummerbehoud remained a problem. Initially, I had given a number that I realized couldn't be transferred because this Simpel.nl company wouldn't allow exchange of network until the contract was completely finished (that is, even if I paid the dues in advance!). As soon as I realized this, I contacted GSMWEB.nl for another old nummerbehoud, but they never responded to my request. This is very abnormal, and I'm totally disappointed with their deaf ears.

De oplossing

I've not used the new sim I got with my phone, and I still want to request GSMWEB.nl to respond to my emails, and change act according to my request. It is unacceptable that they just ignore a serious request, by paying a deaf ear!

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Bedrijf status


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