Klacht Guts: Un-ability to re-sell event tickets after contracting COVID.

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Irina Toma
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Hey guys,

I am deeply dissatisfied with the fact that I was not able to re-sell my tickets I bought from GUTS for the ADE party at G-Star Raw venue with Audio Obscura. Both myself and my boyfriend fell sick with COVID and given we are in a global pandemic it seems absolutely unreasonable for us not to have an option to re-sell the tickets on Ticket Swap or a similar website ahead of the event date.

The option provided by GUTS to re-sell the tickets on their own website simply was not good enough as it does not get enough traffic for re-selling purposes. We got sick since mid-week and did not have any option to resell our tickets as they were not downloadable. On top of this GUTS was pushing sales for full price through official website and portals that were still available a few hours before the start of the event. Our tickets (along with dozens of similar tickets) were available for sale for a much cheaper price but would not be accessible for potential customers.

This dual approach (1. tickets which are not downloadable so therefore not re-sellable and 2. tickets that are advertised only by GUTS and only re-salable from their app) puts the customer at a clear disadvantage to re-sell tickets and is fully aimed at protecting your own business. This is also exceptional in the Netherlands - all other tickets we bought for similar events were re-sellable on TicketSwap.

We would like GUTS to compensate us in full for the tickets which add up to 256EUR. We contacted them for this purpose but they refused to make any ammends.

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I want the company to compensate us in full for 256EUR.

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    Hi Irina,

    Thank you for sharing your story here and giving us a chance to respond to it. We apologise if the answer in e-mail to your boyfriend before was not comprehensive enough. We would like to elaborate a bit more on it over here.

    As a ticketeer we have to maintain the policy of the organizer. We are not the owner of the tickets, nor the fees go to GUTS. It is the organizer you are paying and who is offering you the tickets. GUTS can therefor never cancel tickets or decide on refunds. This is why we do offer a marketplace, so you can always try to sell your ticket.

    At GUTS we offer honest tickets and a safe marketplace. This is what distinguishes us from others and why event organizers work with us. If it would be possible to buy or sell a downloadable GUTS ticket on Ticketswap or other 3rd parties, we can't prevent from fraud and scalping anymore. We want to guarantee that the tickets you buy are always real and an entry is guaranteed.

    If you put your tickets up for sale in the secondary market of GUTS, you can find a direct link to our resell market, where your tickets are up for sale. You can share on social media and with friends. You can even promote this link on a reselling platform like Marktplaats. As long as the sale is done through the link, it will be a safe sale. The buying party will receive a newly generated ticket, and you (the seller) will receive your money.

    Next to that; It is a choice and policy of the Event Organiser to keep on selling regular tickets, even though there are tickets up for sale in the secondary market. Of course they want to sell their own stock first. The secondary market was open for everyone tho, and they even added a link to the secondary marked before the event was sold out. An organizer (or ticketeer) is not responsible for you selling your ticket if you can't go anymore. Also, if people still want to buy a more expensive (regular) ticket than the ones offered, that is a choice we have no influence on.

    That week we have processed a lot of secondary sales through our platform. For example, tickets for the Friday event of Audio Obscura were resold within minutes. People do know where to find the secondary tickets. The event you tried to sell your tickets for was just a less popular event. We have no influence on that part of the market. A lot of parties on the Saturday were left overexposed, also on Ticketswap. Still the morning of your event, the secondary traffic for those tickets went up on our platform and last minute a lot of sales were processed.

    When it comes Covid policy and refunds: As a ticketeer it is not our call to make. Audio Obscura is the owner of the tickets and fees. They have a no refund policy but you can always go in conversation with them about your situation.

    Hope this information clears things out.

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