Klacht GVB Amsterdam: Klacht over conducteur Tram 9

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De klacht

I would like to log a complaint against the conductor in Tram 9 today which left artis at 12:55 to the central station.

The conductor firstly refused to help me; A young struggling mother with a baby in a stroller, then he verbally abused me by yelling at me to go sit somewhere else and that it was my problem I had to stand. I am not used to or am not used to being treated in such as rude manner. Firstly being refused help, then being verbally abused (yelled at). even after I explained that I had a severe pelvic problem (I am disabled and have difficulty walking) I was refused a seat or any further help by this man.

Same happened when I left the tram on the Dam; I received more verbal abuse and was refused help or even enough time to exit the tram as he tried to shut the doors before I had fully exited the tram.

I remained polite and tried to not to anger him whilst I was receiving this abuse but what gives this man the right to treat customers in this fashion.

De oplossing

I would like this man told that this kind of behavior is not acceptable and would appreciate a formal applogy from the said man.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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