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I had a contract with Hello Fresh to receive food boxes. The subscription didn't allow to cancel the contract but to 'pause' the service which I did most of the times. The system allows you to 'pause' only on specific times so if you missed the opportunity you end up getting a box of food you don't want. I paused the box and the box with food was left at my door so I didn't have a chance to reject the product. When I called the costumer service they told me that the pause wasn't recorded. At that moment I was able to cancel the subscription and I did. I asked customer service to cancel the invoice because I didn't request the product. They kept sending invoice reminders since may 2015. They have sent this invoice to a collection agency and of course the charges doubled. I've contacted the agency and explained the situation and because I don't have any proof they can't do anything. Hello Fresh holds all the information of my account and of course I don't record calls with customer service which they may have but I don't have them. I don't want to incur on legal fees but I believe the Hello Fresh is using unfair practices and leaving the consumer with no option but to purchase the products and pay and making it extremely difficult to cancel the account.

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    Dear L. Loyo,

    Thank you for your message. Of course I understand your position, however you did have a chance to reject the product: before wednesday evening it's always possible to change or cancel your order. We assume that you were aware of this deadline since you've had already ordered some boxes earlier that year. Once we've placed the order we cannot cancel it free of charge because we're working with fresh products.

    I see you've sent us an e-mail today. I asked my supervisors to reply, I think this is the best way to solve this issue.

    Kind regards,

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