Klacht Hertz Automobielen Nederland: Hertz Netherlands uses photos taken months before the start of a rental to defraud customers

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On January 31, 2021 I have rented a car from Hertz via the counter at the Amsterdam airport for about 3 months. Upon return of the car, the company is trying to charge me for damages that did not happen during the time of my rental. Hertz is using photos that are dated several months before the start of my rental to attempt to blame me for the damage. Furthermore, the company has never sent me any communications because they recorded my email address incorrectly when I picked up the car. They are now using this to say that I agreed there was no previous damage. When in truth I have never received a “Vehicle Condition Report” because of their incompetence.
I have successfully disputed the damage charges with my credit card company, who I was told has to go through rigorous internal audits for complaints regarding rental cars. I have paid the remainder of the charges. Now, Hertz is accusing me of not paying the entirety of the last invoice when in fact, they have received partial payment for all charges except the illegal damage charges. Everything that I was responsible for I have paid, including a parking ticket, which I received during my rental time.
I have tried to talk to people at this company from the day I returned the car. I have explained my complaint over the outdated photos and other mismanagement by Hertz over and over but the response is always the same. It is as if no one there even reads my emails. Last week, I have received a collections notice from VMP en Partners again regarding the entire invoice amount.
I am outraged that an established company like Hertz is allowed to undertake this kind of customer fraud.

De oplossing

Hertz should correct their records to acknowledge my partial payment and remove the fraudulent charges.

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Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
Dear Mr. Hans, I am outraged by your response. To justify your fraudulent claims you are making sneaky arguments and are trying to shift all responsibility and blame onto the customer. Hertz did not provide me any condition report about any damages when I received the vehicle. I also did not notice any damages. Therefore, both parties agreed that there was no damage on the car and enter the rental agreement. However, upon return of the vehicle you suddenly claimed there were multiple damages with pictures all dated several months before my rental date and blamed the damages on me, charging me nearly 1K EUR. This is a big scam and fraud. I will take this case to the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS). However, Hertz should stop committing this kind of fraud to other customers.
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