Klacht Hitmeister.de: Money still not refunded, Webshop ignores my e-mails

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Via the web shop I ordered a book "Anatomy of the Horse" for 86,00 € EUR, it was supposed to be 'on stock' (23 October 2015). Several weeks later I still did not received the book, so I contacted the web shop via e-mail. Hitmeister replied with apologies: the book was no longer available and they promised to refund my money (17 November 2015). They also presented me with a gift card of 5 Euro's for my next purchase. Today, Today (December 12), the money is still not on my bank account. I contacted Hitmeister three times via e-mail with questions and kind reminders, they do not reply to my mails. I want my money back.

Mariel Schrijvers
Customer number: 21098896

De oplossing

I want to receive my money back: 86,00 € EUR

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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