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I was from 22-1-2014 till 27-01-2014 in Rome for a short holiday with my partner. When i want to go back the flight was cancelled from Rome to Amsterdam by Easyjet. By Easyjet they say that all passengers and booking agents were informed. However i was not informed by Holidaysbooked.com. I had to make another booking on the airport with total costs of 295 euro. Otherwise i had to make a hotel reservation that night. I keep Holidaysbooked.com and Groupon who is partner of them responsible for my costs.
Groupon was also informed in febryary 2014 but i heared nothing more this year for paying my costs back. My advice is dont make bookings via Groupon or by Holidaysbooked.com. You are warned.

De oplossing

I want that they pay back my costs for the flight Rome to Rotterdam.
Flight costs were 210,-. Booking costs 70,- euro. And my costs for getting my car in Amsterdam (travel costs from Rotterdam to Amsterdam) 15 euro. Of the booking and costs i have documents.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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