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After waiting half a day at home for scheduled delivery from Home 24 via Dynalogic, I found out that delivery is not going to be supplied today. According to the info desk the driver was unable to find the address, which all other drivers delivering things by now, managed. Just this morning the post.nl service was here. After talking to the employee from the service desk, they nicely informed me that I have to make another appointment, because they cannot call driver to come back and he needs to continue his route. In addition, they were provided with my phone number. This is principle means that I need to take another half a day off from work and perhaps experience again the same issue. So I am wondering now, why I am asked to provide my phone number if obviously it serves for nothing and how can I make sure that next time Dynalogic driver is able to find the address? This is extremely disappointing experience.

De oplossing

Since Dynalogic already once wasted my time, I would like two things;
first to make sure that the driver knows where the address is next time
and to be able to agree the delivery as soon as possible in the afternoon (after 5 pm) preferably when I am normally at home (not working) . According to the employee of Dynalogic this is possible to arrange with an extra cost. However, considering that missing the appointment was entirely Dynalogic responsibility, I expect they act accordingly and accept to deliver the item after 5 pm upcoming week without extra charges. I hope it is in your interest not to have disappointed customers.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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