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De klacht

I ordered a gardrobe from home24 with delivery date of 25-07 including assembly with extra cost of 259 Euros.

Logistics company Dynalogic sent me a message that delivery assembly would take place between 8am- 10pm.

They showed up at 5pm and delivered the goods inside. However, they told me that the assembly would not take place the same day as they would need 4-5 hours. I told them that this is not my problem as their planning should have been better – This is really not acceptable!

Then I contacted home24 and after my talk with the customer service, I received an email from home24 that the assembly would take place on 27-07 at 3pm. They did not show up!!!

After a few more failed attempts and useless phone calls with home24 and dynalogic; I still dont know when they will show up and home24 is unable to help me out.

I has been 8 days with 4 appointments with no show already. My clothes are laying on my sofa.

I still have no idea when my problem will be solved.

De oplossing

Proper assembly service as promised in my order which costed me 1/3 of the gardrobe price.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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