Klacht HTM: 3-month claim limit for technical fault of your own system is unacceptable

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On 24-07-2020 I took a trip on HTM Tram 6 - check-in and -out seemed to be fine on the day. I found out that I was charged 8 Euros for a 5-minutes trip (Oostinje to Spui).

It was later than 3 months when I happened to check the invoice. If check-in/out was fine why do I need to check the invoice each and every month? I only looked at the invoice when doing the annual tax declaration and found out about the discrepancy.

If the technical fault was in your system and especially happened AFTER the trip, not only you should be responsible to proactively inform your customers and make the refund.

The fact/policy to impose a 3-month claim limit only for people that would scrutinise their invoices in time is unacceptable. How many millions of Euro per year did you benefit from people this way?

Request: refund the overcharged amount and change your fraudulent policy.

De oplossing

Request: refund the overcharged amount and change your fraudulent policy.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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