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I've switched providers and received 100EUR termination fee. It was around 30 days to end of my contract. Nobody contacted me to check with me the actual date of termination - not acceptable!

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cancel 100 eur fee

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    Huismerk Energie
    Dear Mr. Madera,

    I am very sorry to see you have the feeling to be mistreated by us. As you indicate yourself, you switched providers and you have terminated your contract before it ended. Because you initiated the switch and not us, you are responsible to determine when your contract is ended. We were made aware of your switch when it was finalized already. Therefore we charged you the standard legal penalty for contract breach, €50 per connection (gas and electricity).

    Since everything is final already, there is nothing I can do about this unfortunately. If you had informed us about your planned switch, we would certainly have pointed out the ending date of your contract was not so far away and made you aware how to avoid unnecessary penalties.

    Mr. Madera, if you decide to come back to us under a new contract, I will make sure we will cancel your penalty.
    Please contact me so I can advise you in the right choice in that case.

    Kindest regards,

    Rekha Corbeek
    Huismerk Energie
    088-105 11 22

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