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Demirov ING
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Dear Mr./Mrs,

My case dated 26th April 2019 and 300 Euros was withdrown from my bank account in ING Goes Branch without my permission and my card was cancelled as from the Goes Branch of ING. The case was worsened by not informing me of any type (no written reports sent, no excuse mails exc.) and I still dont know whether it is a criminal case (may be someone copied my id card and withdrawn my money), this mail is to inform you that I need a help regarding the case,

Best regards

Demir Demirov

De oplossing

Send me a report regarding the incident

2 reacties

  1. Auteur
    ING Bank
    Hi Demirov,

    Good that you contact us!

    If I'm correct we did an investigation for you on the 26th of April and you still have not received an answer from us? Did you also checked your Spam mailbox.


    ING | Webcare
  2. Auteur
    Demirov ING
    No answer was given regarding the case, 300 Euro was sent back to my account, but as you know the problem I do not have any information regarding the problem yet,


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