Klacht InShared: Discrimination - they refuse to help me, because I speak English

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Good evening,
Almost two months ago one of the clients from Inshared insuarance company damaged my car and drove away. I took first contact with customer service, then I sent an email with pictures and police form, but did not receive any reaction. So, I called and wrote again and again, but still no reaction, only automatic emails. Today I called them again and the woman on the phone told me that nobody in their company speaks English and they are not willing to speak this language with me. Someone on Twitter from InShared wrote to me the smae saying that if I want to talk to them I need to find a translator for myself. Otherwise they cannot help me. The were really rude and not friendly with me.

De oplossing

The find someone who can speak English to me and be more willing to help me to find a solution for this situation.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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