Klacht Jabra.nl: I cancelled order (havent sending out the product), but havent receive refund after 3 months.

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I cancelled Jabra headset order, but don't receive the refund (179.99 euro). (the product hasn't delivered)

I bought Jabra Elite 75t headset (179.99 euro) in Nov. 2019. However, the product takes too long to deliver. At the time, I was about to move to a new place. So I called the Jabra's customer support to cancel the order. After several days, I received an email which said "a refund was generated". However, I haven't receive the actual money until now. During the time, I have called Jabra's customer support over 3 times. Each time, the person on the phone told me they will investigate the situation and get back to me within 2 days. However, I never reveice a phone call or any other contact effort from Jabra until now. I still haven't received the refund and they never deliver the product.

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I want the company refund my money.

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    Please see attached proof of refund issued November 12, 2019 in full. We recommend that you contact your financial institution regarding the whereabouts of your 179.99€ refund as it was directed to the same account used for the original purchase. Thank you!

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Uiteindelijke oplossing
I rechecked my bank account and there is nothing happened since I cancelled the order. I still haven't receive the refund. I saw the attachment named as "Proof of Refund", but I don't know what can I do with your attached screenshot? I processed the payment on your official website, and use my ING bank account to pay the money. Where else the money can be refund to?
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