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Iris Juarez
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At the end of February, 2016 I decided to take a language course with the organization called "Jules Maastricht". Because they did not open the level I signed for (A2 German), they offer me a place in the next level (B1 German). However, in the very first lecture I realized that the level was way too high and I approached the professor to said my concerns.
Since March 15th I have been contacting the agency. They at the beginning answered me and offered me a place, if open, for the new course in October. I told [naam verwijderd door moderator], the person that was answering my emails, that I could not do such I thing since I am moving out of Maastricht in June. Besides there is no assurance that the course will open.
I asked for a refund since I paid 214 euros. I even said that I was willing to negotiate if necessary. Even though they put me in another class, that was not the product I ask for, and it did proved to be not suitable for me.
I have waited two weeks for a response and they have not answered me.

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I would like the refund of 199 euros that I paid for the course A2 German, which was not even offered.

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    Jules Maastricht
    The decision of Iris to join the German B1 course was made by her and confirmed via email on 22 February 2016. We hereby quote her email:

    - I read your email about that the German A2 course will not be open for his period. However, earlier you told that the professor after reading my statement thought that I could do the course in B1. Would B1 course also not be open for this period?

    I was doing the payment right now for the card, but I stopped because if B1 is open I would like to pay the course and the card together. Therefore, I will wait for your answer before doing the payment. -

    Before a student can join any language course of A2 or higher, we always ask for an intake test. The test exist out of writing a piece of text. A German teacher evaluated this test and gave her 'a go' for the German B1 class.

    All together we do not see any reason for a refund, the option of taking the course on a later time will stay.

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