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Rahul Gupta
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Fraud, Fraud, Fraud!!!
They visited my restaurant to offer airco solution on my request. First of all very unprofessional as they cancelled appointment 2 times before the guy named - Frank visited us. The expert checked my restaurant fully and offered airco solution with material and labour for €9000. I accepted the solution as it is. They requested for full payment in advance. Unfortunately I didn't check their feedback before and paid the full payment in advance. On the day of installation, the mechanics arrived 2 hours late. They came inside before unloading any stuff to see the points of installation. Immediately after getting in they said they can't do this installation by giving non-sense reasons. Later they started asking for €3500 more. I denied to pay the extra sum and then they left my restaurant taking back all the stuff. I spoke to their director, a very rude person, who started yelling at me that I wasted time of their engineers as they visited my restaurant but I didn't let them install the system. He said now that he had a business loss he will deduct the cost from the advance payment and if anything left, he will return it back to me!!! Some time later I receive his email for the business loss where he mentioned costs like his engineers stayed in 5-star hotel, spend 16 hours in traffic and did many other luxurious things, so he had a business loss of €5500 and the left over money is 3500. On this note, I had to contact my lawyer who then had to settle the case for €7000 because the company JustFire kept lying. They even denied the fact that Frank (their expert) had ever visited us. They mentioned that I visited their showroom and opted for a unrealistic solution which their engineer couldn't install in my restaurant...awwhhhh!!! Finally I ended up paying €1000 to my lawyer. In total €3000 lost without my mistake, just because I saw a lucrative deal on facebook by justfire. Lesson learned, no business before checking customer feedback!!!

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Return theft money

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    Beste Heer. Jammer dat men via deze weg zaken kan uitleggen zoals men wil. Wij hebben met een volle wagen met spullen voor de deur gestaan. Er zou een ruimte van airco worden voorzien. Nadat de monteurs begonnen waren bleek dat U ook ruimte twee wilde voorzien. Daar hebben we keurig een prijs voor gemaakt. Toen dit doorgegeven was heeft U beide monteurs weggestuurd. Zei zaten om 13.00 uur al in het hotel in afwachting. Toen bleek dat u de opdracht eenzijdig wilde annuleren hebben we ze terug laten komen en U keurig het TOTALE bedrag terug betaald. Jammer van drze reactie. We hadden het keurig opgelost en er staat nu nog steeds een midea met 4 binnenunits in ons magazijn. Jammer van uw reactie. JustFire heeft alles keurig opgelost. Zal ivm het aantonen van goede wil en terug betaling van het gehele bedrag de brief van U toevoegen.

    Case closed.

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