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I am a long time KAV Connectcar customer, 6 years now. I used their car on a Friday afternoon to pick up my daughter from school. I waited outside of the school for 10 mins ignition keys on. Then when I tried to start the car it did not start. Apparently, the battery died. Normally the ignition stays on more than 24 hours and you may not still get a dead battery which means they have pretty bad unmaintained cars. They on the phone first agreed to do a refund but then the next day they denied it. I also needed to take Uber to our arrangement. I have the record of my conversation but they are pretty reckless about the issue. Switched to another company.

De oplossing

Refund the 28 euro I have paid and 10.00 euro Uber charge to be refunded.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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