Klacht Kemkens Installatie: A disgrace, zero communication, zero respect, only fake promises

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De klacht

It is a shame that a company with such a low level of respect for customers, still exists on the market. Completely unprofessional, not respecting appointments and agreement on the installation procedure. Not even bothering to reply to emails and phone calls for more than two year to fix the problems.

De oplossing

Apologies for not completing their work as promised.
Apologies for ignoring all my emails and calls asking them to finish their job.
Apologies for not calling me back or email me, although they promised to do so.
Apologies for the poor way they handled a part of the job.
I want Kemkens to be financially responsible for all the damages I had to bear to to their behaviour and lack of experience.

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    Kemkens Installatie
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    Dear mister,
    We have tried to call you but we could't reach you. I want to apologize and want to speak to you. So we can come to a solution. I hope we can speak eachother soon. Our number is : 088 50 50 300.

    With kind regards,

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