Klacht Kentucky Fried Chicken: Racist staff against Asian

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Literally worst service of all KFC restaurants in the world even worse than some racist American places, I went there at around 12:10 on 15th of march at KFC Alkmaar, there was a black male who later proclaimed himself to the manager, I ordered something from the self-service terminal and there was a receipt from another customer, after the payment the receipt didn’t get printed out immediately so I tried to drag the receipt from the printer of the machine, and it fell on the floor, and that self-proclaimed manager almost yelled at me saying in Dutch and I said please speak English and then he switched to English with very heavy accent which I found very hard to understand asking why it (the receipt) was on the floor, I didn’t understand in the beginning as his accent was really funny, I said to him that maybe the self-service machine needed some maintenance as it wouldn’t print out my receipt, but simultaneously the receipt after maybe ten seconds got printed, and he repeated himself demanding with a condescending tone that I SHOULD pick it up the one on the floor, well I felt really nasty but I was like okay just do you a favor it (at this point it was definitely passive microaggression) is fine but I also mentioned it wasnt my jobs to clean up those remaining receipts of others’ that fell on the floor and I didn’t get paid for this, he said HE understand! After that he started to prepare my meal and he literally put the meal there without saying anything and forgot my cola “accidentally” and I found it out on the car asking him about this together with my girlfriend who’s a white Dutch lady, he changed his condescending attitude starting to apologise to my partner instead ME, I was so angry and raged towards this passive aggression I said to him directly that “this service is really beyond awfulness, I will file a complaint” he said something like go ahead you can find the info about this restaurant on the internet, I added then “I would like to see your manager” he said then he was the manager, and he didn’t apologise to me at all and was just silent and turned away from me without saying anything, to be quite honest I have never experienced this anywhere in the world, well I guess the Netherlands can really top up the name of the nation of racism, the funny part is the original recipe, two pieces he handed over to me were the smallest I have ever seen in comparison with other KFC in many different countries.. rude staff who happens to be racist..

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To be honest I really want to settle this at court, utterly disgusting, maybe you guys should learn how you can treat people equally regardless of the race.. Asian are silent like we don’t like to express as we care the feelings of other but it doesn’t necessarily mean we would just sit there and get hurt, that experience and passive aggression was overwhelming and heartbreaking which is an abhorrent and outrageous social phenomenon against Asian entire race, from this point of view, kfc is at my heart now, the most unfavorable company of all, I want to be helped maybe in a way you can try to promote your fried chicken by telling how racist your staffs can be????????????? It has been a nightmare for me already, horrific and terrifying… I am really heartbroken to be treated like this


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