Klacht KLM: Geen compensatie KLM, geen notificatie van gewijzigde vertrektijden en hierdoor 5 uur vertraging

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May 2022 we booked our trip from Split to Amsterdam (with transit) via KLM website. From Split to Zagreb with Croatia Airlines and then from Zagreb to Amsterdam with KLM.

On the day of our flight (1st of november), while checking in, I found out that the flight with Croatia Airlines from Split to Zagreb was heavily delayed.

We didn't receive any notification about the change in departure time at all. Because of this, we've missed our transit in Zagreb to our KLM flight to Amsterdam.

So, instead of departing from Split at 12.50hr and arriving in Amsterdam at 17.15hr we now landed in Amsterdam at 22.15hr. This is a 5 hours delay and we had to take an extra transit in Vienna, otherwise we couldn't even make it back home.
Very unfortunate.

The problem now is that KLM keeps saying that this is caused by Croatia Airlines. But, when I contacted Croatia Airlines, they stated that Croatia Airlines had informed KLM on time (before the obligatory 14 days).

By law (based on e.g. European Regulation 261/400), KLM, as our agent, is responsible for informing passengers at least 14 days prior to departure about flight disruptions or changed departure times. And KLM did NOT.

I have contacted KLM so many times about this matter, they keep showing empathie (even stating on the phone that my wife and I should receive compensation) but giving no compensation, only an automatic email that they are "very sorry" and that they can't do anything about it.

At this time (4,5 month later) I still wait for the proof of KLM that they informed me and/or my wife about the matter mentioned above.

They failed to inform us which caused 5hours of delay.

As I expect KLM should come to the conclusion of compensating us..
Where is KLM?

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