Klacht KLM: Misleading advertisement and unwillingness to help

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I was looking to book a flight to Melbourne, Victoria. A KLM online ad showed flights Amsterdam - Melbourne starting at 800€, so I followed the link. The link put me into the booking process after the pre-selection for location, showing me a connection to Melbourne International Airport (MLB). I booked the flight and discovered within 72hrs that this was indeed an airport in Melbourne, Florida instead of the Australian destination (MEL).
During booking there was nowhere any word of this flight ending in Florida, otherwise I would not have booked. Their customer service did not look at the case until I asked again another eleven days later - only to tell me now when I made a general complaint that I should not have waited "two weeks" (which is when they decided to actually give the promised reaction) and that they could have done something within 24hrs of the booking, but not now anymore.
So I have lost more than a month's worth of rent and groceries on a ticket that I have no use for as it cannot be re-booked for any destination that I would have a reason to go to. All due to an extremely misleading ad and customer service that only explains me in hindsight that something could have been done in the past but not now.

De oplossing

Now that I've been told that indeed something could have been done about my problem, I would want my money back. In general their advertising and booking process needs to be made clearer, as that ad put into booking a Melbourne, Florida flight when what was needed and searched for was a flight to Melbourne, Victoria .

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Bedrijf status


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