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G. Akots
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I was not able to check-in online. I was told to go to the customer service. After waiting for a very long time there, I was told, that I'm only on the waiting list - was not sure, if I get my ticket - although I paid it months ago.
The customer service person was rude and unprofessional. When asking, how it is possible, he said, KLM has all the rights to oversell a flight. And I can go a day later, if I won't get a ticket. He was impolite, bad-mannered, when telling me this great news.
I asked for his manager. When mentioning that he was rude - her reaction was that she is not hiring her colleagues.
The behaviour at the check-in ruined my whole afternoon. And I'm very disappointed, that KLM oversells apparently its flights...

De oplossing

Please answer these questions:
- How often do you oversell your flights?
- How do you select the “winners”, who will not get a ticket?
- You knew earlier at the online check-in, that I’m on the waiting list – as I was not able to check in. Why did not notify me immediately – so the customer has a chance to get a real ticket at other companies/flights?

- Instead of notifying me, I had to wait 30 minutes in the line at the check-in, hearing from your super rude colleague, that I will only know at the gate, whether I have a ticket or no. But I can voluntarily fly the next day.
(my wife got suddenly became ill, and she is pregnant – so I really wanted to get home). And no hotel costs or reimbursement of my day off – in case I can get home only a day later.
Not reliable, selling the same service more, and rude customer service. I was surprised, I’ve expected much better from KLM.

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