Klacht Lebara Mobile: I got unexpected high deduction (e.g. 1min and 50 seconds costed me 7.98 euro for Lebara One)

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Hi, sorry to contact you in such a way, since I don't get a response from you by email. I want to complain I got an unexpected high deduction (e.g. 1min and 50 seconds costed me 7.98 euro for Lebara One). I checked and knew that the calling rate to call a China mobile phone to be 12ct/min, and there is no extra charge for calling when roaming. See attached files to see the proof and details. I contacted the colleague by email to ask how this is calculated, but they only told me to check the calling rate and should tell me that I know why this is deducted.
I felt very upset with that response since I really don't know with the reason, otherwise I would not spend my time placing this complaint. Since I couldn't use my phone for no fees any more (10 euro was costed in around 2 minites), I really hope you can help with check this.

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#1: refund the unexpected money (10 euro - calling rate * 5min)
#2: compensate 3 times than what I costed (since I can not get in touch with my friends)
#3: explain why this happened and apologize to me.
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There is no solution at all. It is really disappointed.
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