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Unbelievable horrible experience with made.com. First off, I purchased 1000 euros for some chairs and never received any confirmation of my purchase. So called them up and had someone on the phone that clearly wasn’t interested in working and repeatedly mispronounced my name “dog” instead of “Doug”. This already sent alarm bells ringing. Of course the delivery date comes and goes with no notification of the status of my products. So now I have to call them only to hear that my product will arrive 1 month late. They make me feel like this is totally normal. The only thing they offer me in return is that they will wave the 60 euro delivery fee ( they are the only company that has a delivery for a purchase of 1000 euros). 2 weeks later I receive a general email that they have eliminated the delivery fee for everybody so I don’t feel like I was compensated in anyway. So now the new delivery date has come and gone again with again absolutely no notification in any form. The only response to my calls and emails is that they can cancel my order if I want. I just want my products! So it’s been 2 months and the 3rd delivery date was yesterday and I’ve heard nothing !! No response to my complaints! No compensation! They don’t even apologize ! I will call them again on Monday. :(

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I feel like made.com should take responsibility by acknowledging they have a problem and compensate their customers.

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