Klacht Max-Tech: Defective work but refused to correct it

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Hired to fix a leak in the kitchen tap.
After three days the leak appeared again.
Asked to come again to fix it again but refused to do it unless we paid more money (50 EUR per hour ex. VAT)
Used excuses like the tap and pieces installed were of low quality so he neded to change it all.
After insisting and his refusal to finish the service we had paid for, I looked at the issue and fixed the leak using just a 30 cents rubber gasket that I bought in Gamma. I didn't have to change any other piece.

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We asked 4 times for him to come and finish the job. It is our right as consumers to do so if we ask within 14 days. He refused to do so so it is our understanding that he broke the contract.
As the leak was running and I had to fix it myself, we want the money that we had to pay back. Specially considering that his main reason not to come to fix it was that now he would have to change the pieces including the tap but that was not true because I fixed it only replacing the rubber gasket that he had put in his visit.
Therefore we want the 92.35 EUR back

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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