Klacht Media Markt: I bought something online but they don't have any information about when can I get it.

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I bought a headphone via Media Markt online during the free tax promotion. It has been almost 3 weeks since I paid for it and I get no update about when can I pick it up in their shop. I contacted the custom survice twice, the first time they replied me via email said I have to wait. After one week, I called them again, they promise someone will contact me later but nobody contact me afterwards. They said my stuff is on the way. But you cannot just let me wait until some unknown date! I check that they still have it in some of their stores. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY IT TAKES THEM SUCH A LONG TIME TO DELIVER? To me I feel like they don't want to sell it with a lower price so they don't deliver it and force me to cancel by myself.

De oplossing

Give me the headphone in one week!

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Bedrijf status


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