Klacht Media Markt: My vacuum cleaner repair cost has incresed and now is more than the vacuum cleaner.er itself

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My Bosch Vacuum cleaner was out of order, we went to Media markt at 7th February 2022.
We purchased it from media Markt Arnhem-Nederland in 2019. After a month ,they asked me to pay 135 Euros as repair cost so we tell Media Markt, its motor has 10 years warrenty so please don't charge it with us. They asked us to register My Vacuum cleaner at Bosch website so we do that. After a month they asked us to pick the vacuum cleaner from the service center, it is ready, so we took it back at Home in April. But it was not repaired. When again we asked Media markt that it is not repaired then MM told us that they didn’t repair because we didn’t' pay the repair cost. However they asked us at phone that it is repaired and at desk they said “no need to pay”.
we were very disappointed with this irresponsible behaviour. Again we went to Media Markt Duiven because we fed up with Media Markt Arnhem. But after a month MM asked us that Bosch will not fix my vacuum cleaner free of cost because its warranty started after a month when we purchased it, so we asked them that we are ready to pay .Again MM took some time and asked us to pay 175 Euros for the same problem .we asked to MM that 3 months before it was 135 euros then how it increased, they told me that repair cost is increased in the meantime.
Now the situation is, the new vacuum cleaner of same brand cost 170 euros and they demand 175 euros for repair. All delays done by Media Markt only. we are very much disappointed with this poor customer support of Media Markt it is time consuming ,energy consuming, inconvenient and no result. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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Media Markt should fix my vacuum cleaner in reasonable prices.

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