Klacht Microsoft: Microsoft doesn't cover any genuine issue in warranty

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I have purchased Microsoft Surface Book Pro 6 in November 2019, It has replacement warranty till November 2020.
The Company is not ready to cover warranty for Screen White spots which suddenly came to notice when I open completely black image. I sent to service center in Germany in highly secured packing, they returned the product with some extra scratches and claiming that laptop has physical damage which is jot true, as a proof I have images of the product and also the small wear and tear scratch on body that they are falsely claim as Physical damage. It is very bad on the customer service of Microsoft that they do so, I have been using laptops of Dell, Lenovo from 13 years Never faced this issues. When you use laptop what someone expects that it will remain in showroom condition? and truly speaking my Surface book 6 is almost in showroom condition except very small marks it got by keep it hear and there. Even the mobile we get from Samsung and iPhone has all these scratches but they never reject claim which is genuine. Microsoft on the other hand is only washing their hands. I don't recommend anyone to buy Microsoft products for the kind of service and warranty they give.

De oplossing

I want my surface book 6 to replaced for the white spot issue under warranty, No laptop company should be allowed to play with customers like this. Warranty is to handle all these issues which any electronic device can face. There are many complaints about white spots on Microsoft Surface screens on their portal still they are trying to get away with it by pointing at customer mistake instead of replacing their faulty product.

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