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I had Riol.nl come and clear a blockage, afterward the guy told me that the toilet rubber need to be replaced as it was leaking.
I phoned http://mmaloodgieter.nl/
The guy came and fixed my toilet by replacing the rubber on 26 September 2017 between 11 and 11:30.
I watched him pulling out the rubber and replacing it without greasing it. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and paid him 142.90 euro.
It is still leaking a week later and he is refusing to come back and have a look saying I should phone another plumber and that Riool.nl probably damaged some pipe. Yet the leak is right below the toilet.

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I want him to return and fix the toilet or diagnose the problem properly.
I had him come to fix a leaking toilet and it is still leaking.
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The Plumber never came back to me. May others see this and be wary.
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    I just had another plumber come and fix the problem. He told me that the incorrect size rubber was used and that is why the toilet still leaked.
    Now I would like my money back from MMA Loodgietersbedrijf!

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