Klacht Nederlandse Spoorwegen: NS site for ordering e-tickets is confusing and they will not help if something goes wrong

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Hi, We (a family of 3) ordered an open return ticket on the NS website June 13th and when we get the ticket sent to us it turns out that it is a return ticket which can only be used over the same day (dagretour). While booking on the site the word used was retour (not dagretour). We immediately call up NS and ask for a change of the date of the return part of the ticket and they tell it it’s impossible and that we can not change the ticket to a return on another day (or cancel or get our money back and book a new ticket). We also told them that their own web site is confusing, as it asked to fill in “enkel” or “retour” with no reference to a “dagretour” until we had paid and gotten the confirmation via email. I am enclosing a screenshot. Now we have to pay extra for the return ticket. It can not be correct they have the right to do this. I read through their policy for e-tickets and it says that an e-ticket can not be returned or refunded, but nothing is mentioned about changing a ticket. I don’t even understand the tough rules as it’s not even possible to book a seat, as they do not offer this, it’s just a fee to be able to use the transportation. Please help!
Maria Ekman

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Help to change the date of the return ticket. I have already tried for 3 days but they refuse to help.


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