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I have raised the issue of my thermostat no longer connecting to IFTTT since November.

I have continually chased for updates during this time and keep being sent the same advise to delete my account which I have done and it doesn’t resolve the issues. There is no sense of urgency and no customer care at all when dealing with NEFIT

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I want the thermostat to work as it is advertised to do so.

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    Dear Mr. Jennings,

    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, the problem cannot yet be reproduced and the solution is unknown.
    In the Gateway manager (where the controller must initially be connected), the controller is sometimes offline. This is a bug in the system and is not a reference of the link between, for example, the EasyControl and IFTTT of Google home is possible.

    In some cases the controller is offline and cannot be removed. In that case, you can follow the steps below to try to establish the link between the thermostat and other services.

    - You can try to delete the Bosch ID. You can do this by logging in to the following webpage and choosing the option to delete the account. https://identity-myprofile.bosch.com/ui/web/account
    - Reset the thermostat to factory settings. Late on; data may be lost.
    - Open the following link and register your Bosch ID again. Preferably with a different e-mail address..https: //identity-myprofile.bosch.com/
    - Reinstall the Thermostat and app, and go through all the steps.
    - Once it is connected to the WiFi network, you can retry the steps to connect to third party services.

    We hope this fixed the issues.

    Best Regards,
    Nefit Consumentenservice

Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
Same solution offered multiple times and still does not resolve the issue which Bosch are very well aware of.
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