Klacht Online.nl: Verkeerd pakket met slechte klantenservice

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I am a client in online .nl from 2 months ago and I have a problem with my packet, when I choose it that was the first 6 months with 22 Euro and after with 32 euro. but in my profile that is not clear. and I have contact with customer services. they told me that my package is first 3 months only with 22 Euro, I don't get any confirmation about that .and I don't agree with that

De oplossing

I want to the correct packet with 22 euro in a month for the first 6 months and after 32 euro in months like I choose.

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  1. Auteur
    I do not have a problem with an invoice. My problem is that when you applied in March, there was an offer from your company during the first six months of 22 euros and the following 6 months worth 32 euros. You can check the date of my order to make sure, and now I want you please give me the offer you requested. With 22 euros for the first 6 months.

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