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Second time in one month that I have no internet for days. First time it was 9 days with no internet but last time they at least answered me and actually fixed the problem. Now it's since Monday that I have no internet but this time I get no answers from customer service whatsoever : I messaged them everywhere I could, wrote an email, tried calling but I get thrown out of the line after 40 minutes in the queue. Really dissatisfied and angry, online. nl has no respect for their customers and their lack of responsibility is outstanding.

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3 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Dear Milda Atkocaityte

    We have received your complaint in good order. We see that you suffer from the
    nationwide outage. Once we do have further informaation, we will contact you for more information.

    Ronald Online.nl
  2. Auteur
    Dear Milda Atkocaityte,

    We will contact you today for more information.


    Anna Online.nl
  3. Auteur
    Dear Milda1,

    Today we had contact with the owner of the residence, Mr. Affara.

    We apologized for the long lasting issues regarding the internet service and agreed to a compensation. Furthermore, we agreed to upgrade the internet connection. After the upgrade to VDSL has been completed, you will get to enjoy a lot more speed and stability on your internet connection.

    Monday the 22nd of November, I agreed to contact Mr. Affara again with a status update.


    Charles Online.nl.

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