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We have been communicating for the past 3-4 months to get the reimbursement of our relationship therapy invoices which are 210.00 euro each. For the past 5 invoices, we declared they only reimbursed 2 times 65.00 euros for 2 invoices under the Alternative Healers category which is quite interesting.
We are getting conflicting responses from different customer agents and our last few emails did not get any response at all. Furthermore, they came up with unrelated and irrational requests during this process which we fulfilled but did not also got a response. The practices they follow are quite unethical and leaving us as a family in a very bad situation.
They use every little trick and tactic (neither legal nor ethical) not to pay the amount. I am now starting the legal process with SKGZ and will write letters to concerned parties both in government and other organizations about their practices.

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ONVZ just need to fulfill the legal agreement and stop unethical tactics.

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Uiteindelijke oplossing It took quite a long time and energy from our point of view. The problem for us is this could easily be prevented if ONVZ could took necessary actions. That is why it is a waste of time and energy for both parties.Hope ONVZ takes necessary lessons form this. Our overall perception about the company is still closer to negative side due to our tiresome experience and we hope to go to positive side which definetely depends on future experiences.