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In March 2021 I ordered a schommel, I received it in April, starting in the same day to assemble it and I was shocked that they were some rusted items and missing items. I called the customer services and send them some photos as per their request. after that they told me that they have ordered the missing items, after 3 weeks, I called them again to see the status, they told me that tis order is out of store, and they will not be able to send it anymore, and propose to place another order and back office will call me back to see if they will compensate me with another schommel without paying the cost difference. till now nothing happened, no one called me as the customer services promised me. Finally, i just want to make a note , that all communication to customer services were conducted by me, and after each call, they promised that they will solve the problem except the one before the last call, when I told him that I will place a klacht if my case is not solved, he replied, yes go ahead. additionally, I have tried to approach Backoffice team leader and other management through Linkedin, also no feedback.

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solve my case completely

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