Klacht Outletgendringen.nl: Extremely rude customer service refusing the refund for the returned within the 14 days goods.

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I have purchased a.o. two kitchen appliances, which when I tried turning on did not work.  Following an email to the company, which was unanswered, then a call, I was told to send the products back. I was not happy with the products and requested a refund (also shipping costs) as I have returned the goods within the 14 days. Later on I received an email saying the products work and are being sent back to me, to which I responded that I still would like to use my right to return the goods and get the refund. A no response followed for some time, I called the company and was being screamed at that because of customers like me companies go out of business and that I have to pay them the costs for the electric who checked the goods. As the company refuses the refund and additionally asks me to pay a charge for the electric in an extremely rude manner I would like to file a claim via Klachtenkompas to avoid being further harrassed on the phone for trying to exercise my consumer rights and to receive the refund for the returned goods as well as the shipping costs.

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I would like to receive the refund for the goods as well as incurred shipping costs as I am supposed to. An apology for the unprofessional customer service would be great too.

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Bedrijf status


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