Klacht OV chipkaart: OV-Chipkaart company cracked my technically defective card and refused to refund €11.

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De klacht

OV-Chipkaart asked me to send in my defective card for inspection, so that they would refund the €11 for a new card that I had paid. The card was less than two years old AND did not have any visible damage WHEN I sent in the card for inspection.
After multiple rounds of emails and calling because they had rejected my claim, with reason that the card had a crack and sent me a picture.
This picture indeed showed a crack which was NOT there when I sent in the card (I too took a picture of the card together with the claim form on the day that I sent the envelop to OV-chipkaart. The employee refused to acknowledge that the card actually broke/cracked IN their possession and told me "this decision [to not refund €11] is final".
This is fraudulent practice by OV-Chipkaart and I would like to make this known publicly, especially for a company that has monopolistic position in the Netherlands.

De oplossing

Recognise the crack happened in OV-chipkaart's possession and refund me the €11.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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