Klacht Oviya Boutique: Poor quality-damaged Product received

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I am writing with utter disappointment with this seller, called Oviya Fashions based in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. These are the links to her website and Facebook page :

1. https://www.facebook.com/OviyaFashions
2. www.oviyaboutique.com

On August 25th, 2014 I ordered a garment from her which costed me 96 Euros. When it was delivered, I found that it was a different material than what the seller had mentioned in her email and of very poor quality.

There are 4 black spots on the front, which cannot be washed away.There are damages on the cloth as well. Also, the cloth is not at all stitched according to the measurements given by me to the Seller.

I requested the Seller to take it back and refund my money because I did not pay such a big amount to get a poor quality-damaged product.
The Seller rejected my request and said she will not refund my money! This makes me feel cheated and I want her to know that she cannot cheat innocent customers. Please help me regarding thi

De oplossing

I want a refund for my money

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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