Klacht OXXIO: Cancel my contract with Oxxio by 30th April without any cost

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I was moving from A to B at the beginning of April and arranged with Oxxio Internet since mid March. They say no problem to change it by 2nd April. After so many delays they have not installed Internet and by 20th April I decided to stop sending contact forms to Oxxio.

I couldn´t cancel the contract because they don´t want to send me confirmation (I have an email saying I can cancel and they want my confirmation and I also have a screenshot chatting to a worker confirming but delaying all the time the confirmation email).

- I don´t have Internet in my new address since 12th April.
- I received a called yesterday for installation (5/5/2020), which I said I don´t need the service anymore.
- I claim confirmation of my cancellation without any cost for me with date 30th April.
- Refund of the money since 12th April I have not received the service.
- Withdraw the bill from May.

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- I want to cancel my contract with Oxxio Internet with date 30th April without any cost, receiving a confirmation email.
- My money back from 12th April, time where I stopped having the service.
- Cancel the bill from May.

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  1. Auteur
    Dear Rosasr,

    I'm very sorry to hear that we can't supply you with our internet services on your new adress.
    I can confirm to you that my collegue Rik cancelled your contract without any extra costs.
    We will give you a refund from April 2nd and we will withdraw the invoice from May.

    I hope that we have met you sufficiently!

    Kind regards,

    Dick - Oxxio Webcare

Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
They said they would cancel my contract by date end of April but they tried to cash the bill from May which I reject it. I already sent them the routers and the TV devices.
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