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I am a client of oxxio since Oct 2017, so 2 years . End of October 2019 I have received jaarnota ..with a bizarre gas usage...it increased between Sept 2018 and October- November 2018 for almost 400 % with no reason !!! Thus same day I called oxxio klantenservice...and woman on the phone told me it will be checked , corrected and i will be informed. Than instead of any info or corrected jaarnota I have received request to pay extra 40 e incasso costs !!! In December I paid vorschoot for November 2019 ( as I agreed online ) ....but the payment is lost in Oxxio until now..not book on my account at all !!! I have sent a few messages via my account about that ...about waiting for jaarnota and info ..with no response whatsever !!! zero reaction !!!!...Today ..in their letter they thread me by ending contract ...if I refuse to pay that idiotic jaarnota !!! This is more than scandalous !!! I don't wont to use so called " big words " ..but this anty- client attitude..and just ordinarily trying to steal ppl money in such a way should be ..maybe.. investigated by some proper Dutch authorities . In the meantime I hope to get in contact with somebody from this company ...as there is no way right now to catch anybody from klantyenservice ...unless one wish to wait half an hour on th ephone or talk to a robot/authomatic buddy ...

De oplossing

Check gas usage in jaarnota- correct amounts and contact me - to agree the way of payment of jaarnota ....satisfying to oxxio and myself

2 reacties

  1. Auteur

    Thank you for your message. I've checked the situation for you and I'd like to inform you about the "Jaarnota".

    To calculate the usage on the "jaarnota" we use the meterreadings that we get from your smart meter via de grid operator which is Stedin in your case. We've calculated the usage between 19-10-2018 untill 19-10-2019 with the following meterreadings:

    19-10-2018: 67m³
    01-01-2019: 294m³
    Usage: 232m³

    19-10-2019: 813m³
    Usage: 531

    Total usage: 763m³.

    The total usage of gas is 763m³. This is calculated like said before: with the meter readings we get from the smart meter via Stedin. Since these are real meter readings and they're not "calculated or guessed" we can't correct anything.

    If you think the usage is too high you could check if there is any leakage. This is something you can also check with the grid operator. I'm sorry that we can't correct anything for you at this point.

    Feel free to ask any other questions that might pop up.

    Kind regards,
    Joey, Oxxio Webcare
  2. Auteur
    thank you for your response. However I wish to inform you that since end of October 2019, your customer service keeps me waiting for info and jaarnota correction..plus there has been a zero response to all messages sent to you regarding that subject. The annual usage says not a lot..and as you do have a monthly reports on hand- you may look at those. Everything was discussed with klantenservice employee in October...she also concluded that figure are not right and will be checked- both usage and jaarnota calculation.It has not happened until now !!! and it seems like this web serves you as klantenservice communication. It is fine with me ! ->> In 2, 5 months of 2018 I used - per your m-thly reports- 229 m3 of gas...and in 9, 5 months of 2019 - 519 m3 !!!! with bizarre monthly usage of gas e.i. ups and downs for 300-400 % !!! I have also contacted you mid of 2019 ...as monthly report showed gas usage higher than for vrijstande woning ....Thus problems were during the year ...with no reaction from oxxio...Now, instead of advise and some proper communication and check ups ..you just trying to transfer issue to Stedin and charge me extra incasso costs ...for your miscommunication and anti-customer attitude. btw. Stedin has informed me that it is a duty of energy leverancier - so yours..to advise customer about steps to take.... Thus I have asked another company for advice- as you refused to provide such - and proper check ups will be made in the near future.... ..I personally have found your attitude and zero customer service simply scandalous !!! ...I will contact you via my online oxxio account about payment of jaarnota ...and FYI the payment I made on December 22nd, 2019 is still missing and not registered in my oxxio account, against my outstanding jaarnota !!!!

Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
seems there is no solution ..except change of energy leverancier. And this I am going to do shortly. As per Oxxio klantenservice..they just send invoices and charge incasso costs..whatever is extra is not interested to them. Very unprofessional, difficult to communicate with...They do not take care of anything....seems they role is to get rid of customers klachten.....I hope for them to improve their services and attitude towards customers...btw. my account overview is still missing payments I made in December 2019 .... Just incredible ..and nobody from customer service cares haha
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