Klacht Phone House: I want to get my refunds.

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My order in phonehouse
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Dear sir or madam,

I have a problem, hope you can help me solve it.

I ordered a phone and paid in Phone House online shop (https://www.phonehouse.nl/)on Dec.8 2016, but it was canceled by them in 3 minutes. They told me the refund should be returned to me in 2 weeks, but they didn't do that.

During these time, I have been writing to them emails and called them for so many times, but they always let me wait.

THE WORST THING is: I received their bankrupt information on Feb.17 (their bankrupt time is Feb.13 2017 actually). No more calls answered since that day. The phone house store stuffs told me the web shop and the stores are separate. They can do nothing to help me get my refund.

So now I am so worried about my refund, it is more than 400 euros. I really need this money, please help me!

My contact number is: +31 (0)685565437 Claire

Best Regards,
Claire Xing

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I want my money back!

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My order in phonehouse
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The problem still not be solved yet. I didn't receive any reply from them. The local shops of Phonehouse has been closed, the email seems failed, their customer service hot line only telling their bankrupt message. I don't know how to contact them any more, I need help!!
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