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On 17th of june 2020, I bought an Apple Magsafe charger on PhoneMarket.nl
It arrived without a box from Apple, nor any associated document, I used and it overheated my Macbook and caused it to crash and emit a weird noise.
After some research on internet I realized it might be a counterfeit, so I went to an apple store and they confirmed me it was a fake.

I then bought a new Apple Magsafe charger from Coolblue, that arrived with everything proving its originality (apple box and all the documentation).
I thus compared the two chargers and the one bought via PhoneMarket (on the bottom or on the right of the attached following pictures) clearly looks very different from the original one. It also weights way less.

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I'd like to receive a refund of my entire purchase and the shipping costs to send the product back to the seller.

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    Dear sir,

    As we indicated earlier, we only sell original products. You haven't been to an official Apple store and you don't have enough arguments.

    We have indicated to you that if you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it. As indicated on our website, and also in our Terms and Conditions, return costs are for the buyer. You have agreed to this yourself.

    Hoping to have informed you sufficiently.

    With best regards,

    Team Phonemarket.nl

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