Klacht Plumberservice: Plumber charging unreasonable price by lying.

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Today, on the October of 18th, I called their company in the morning asking for the plumbing service, after few minutes, they direct me to a plumber. In the phone call, he said he will be here within 1 to 1.5 hours, and the price will be 72.5 euros excluding the tax. I told him that my budget is 100 euros, he said okay. Then after like 1.5 hours, he came. He came in to check the kitchen sink, and the bath tub, he said the pipe under the sink is very old system, he will change it. I said okay, then he went downstairs, brought up a small machine, long pipe, big role of spring pipes, and 2 or 3 small pieces of pvc gray pipes. He started working on it, and after 30 mins, it was all fixed. He brought all his stuffs down, then I asked, can I have the invoice? Then he started writing down everything on the invoice. And until that time, i figured out that the pipe he used was 10.5 euros per meter, and he used 10 meters of that. However, he did not talk about anything about this before he using it. Furthermore, the small pieces he installed was 25 euros. So in total, it was 72.5 + 105 + 25 + BTW = 245.03 euros. I was so shocked, I started asking him questions about the price, then he explained me finally saying that the pipes are 10.5 euros per meter, and he used 10 meters of that, and the accessory was 25 euros. And he asked me to pay immediately, and kept saying that he has to leave, so I paid. Then I called his company, his company said would figure things out then call me. The plumber called me, and repeatedly insisting that he explained me everything through the phone before he came. But that is not true, he was lying, I am 100% sure that he did not say a word about it until he finished everything and asked me to pay! And I told him before that my budget is 100 euros. So I called back to the company, and the company was like "then why did you pay?". The plumber told me it is not possible to pay afterwards, he asked me to pay immediately, and he kept telling me that he has to leave NOW! So, what should I do? They just lie to me, then pushing all the responsibilities on me. Please help me out.

De oplossing

I already paid 245.03 euros. I understand the price of the basic 72.5 euros (excluding tax), but I want to get the rest back, 105+25=130 euros.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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