Klacht POSTNL: 40 days for an envelope to go nowhere.

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M. Toledo
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De klacht

I sent a package (large envelope) to the UK (London) on April 4th, 2018. The package has been stopped (lost) at their warehouse in NL since then and never left the country, and its track&trace status is still visible on the web.
After almost 30 days of calling them, I was allowed to present a complaint (April 30th) with a new waiting time of 12 days to hear anything from them. I just called today May 14th (14 days after the complaint was presented) but their system says I presented the complaint on May 8th, so I will have to wait until the May 24th for them to contact me regarding my "issue".
No answers and no solutions, only wasting my time and money.

De oplossing

I want the envelope to be returned to my address in perfect condition, my money back and a monetary compensation. This has brought me enough problems to just consider an empty apology from them.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I see that we started an investigation for you on the 30th of April, and my colleagues will contact you within 12 business days. That means, that they still have until tomorrow to contact you about this case. I will ask you to wait for this.

    Kind regards,


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M. Toledo
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