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De klacht

PLEASE HELP ME i letter with very official documents were sent form Cairo to me on the 24th of October and til now i haven't received it.

The tracking number is : EE004377512EG

I called the customer service of the Customs , i called the customs and i called the postnl its self Customer Service more than 2 times till now every week since the letter was sent and all they can say its in the custom. I WANT MY LETTER NOW its very important documents and they are urgent it was supposed to arrive here in 4 days not a month when i called the customer service they said if i havent recieved by the 18 of November they will invistigate. I NEED MY LETTER NOW its has all original papers and it costed me a lot of money in order to legalize them and issue them and i need them for here to finish official procedures which is urgent. I WANT Solution now.

De oplossing

I want the letter to be sent. My email is Hanadita85@yahoo.es
My contact number is 0611837757

3 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Dear mr. ElSayed,

    In your message you urge PostNL to send you letter EE004377512EG. It contains valuable identity information and is very important to you. I'm sorry for your trouble.

    In my computer system I see your letter is with Dutch customs. They need more information about the shipment. A form is send to you by PostNL and Dutch customs. Please fill in the form and send it back, after that PostNL will finish the delivery. Sorry for your trouble.

    If you have more questions about this shipment or other shipments please contact PostNL customer service: http://www.postnl.nl/klantenservice

    Kind regards,

    Jouke van Dijk

    PostNL customer Service.
  2. Auteur
    Till now i havent recieved antthing from you not the form or the letter and now its 9 days since i made the complain and now almost one month since my letter was sent from Egypt and arrived to Amsterdam customs. What can i do more? And how can this be i cant believe it. I repeat its very important official papers you can open the letter and see its even legalised by the Dutch Embassy in Cairo. I need the letter today before tomorrow . The time is critical for me. I cant call every week
  3. Auteur
    Dear mr. El Sayed,

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we can't speed up the customs process. Your sending will be processed as soon as possible. If this sending hasn't been processed by November 27, please contact us again.

    After this date, we can ask our colleagues to check with border control to see if we can help them out. If you have more questions about this shipment or other shipments please contact us via PostNL customer service at http://www.postnl.nl/klantenservice

    Ik hoop u zo voldoende te hebben geïnformeerd. Mocht u in de toekomst vragen of klachten hebben over de dienstverlening van PostNL, dan kunt u contact opnemen via postnl.nl/klantenservice.

    Met vriendelijke groet,


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