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I sent a package on 02.04.2017, and my boyfriend received today but there's no gift inside the box! Just an EMPTY box! I called to your employee to ask for solution but hey hold me that i did not buy the insurance so I can not be compensated.
Which is really astonished me because i really do not know I need to give my package an insurance! I mean I already paied for the freight and the outside pack. What I want is just the gift can be delivered safely, and it is ook the reason for me to choose postnl, I thought it was a big fire.
My boyfriend told me That the box was not sealed well and anybody can open it if theywant to. This positioning biedt thief with a chance to steal my gift. It is a call costs me around 130 euros and the freight plus the box cost me around 25 euros.
However, right now. The postnl just inform me thatthey can do nothing Because I did not buy the extra insurance. That I have never heard before that i need to pay for a mistake made by others.
I wanna what can I do now, just bear all of these? or can I be compensated for my missing call, my time for choosing a beautiful gift for my love, and my freight? My barcode is CC059197585NL.

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I would like to get the compensation for my belt and the freight.

2 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Sorry for several mistakes: * A big brand instead of big fire.
  2. Auteur
    Hello mrs Lu Lu,

    Thank you for you message. I understand that you have send a parcel to China but when the received it this parcel was empty. This is of course not how its supposed to go, my sincerest apologies for this.

    I see your parcel was indeed uninsured there for there is nog compensation possible. I understand this is very frustrating, but there is nothing I can do for you. Next time if you send a parcel to China I advice you to send a registered parcel, this is insured for €500,-.

    I hope I provided you with enough information.

    Kind regards,
    PostNL costumerservice

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