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Have a package arriving today, tracking says will arrive between 13 to 15:00, I have been waited the whole day till now, no one ring my door bell.
I checked the status, "delivered", but where? When I went downstairs I saw a note saying it's delivered to my neighbour cus I wasn't home. I WASN'T HOME!??
I wasted whole day and now have to wait for my neighbour to be home again?!
I chose Saturday because I can be at home! And my door bell is big enough to see!

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Make sure your employees have working ethics.
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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Thank you for your message. From your report I understand that the delivery person did not ring your doorbell. I can imagine that this is very frustrating. I am sorry to hear that our service has not met your expectations. I would like to respond to your message.

    Our deliverers are required to ring your doorbell if you have a working doorbell. I apologize that this did not happen in your case. I have forwarded your report to the manager of the delivery person so that this is discussed to prevent a recurrence. You will not receive any feedback about the outcome of this conversation.

    I assume that I have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions or complaints now or in the future, please contact our Customer Service via www.postnl.nl.


    PostNL Customer service

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